Professional Negligence For IndividualsProfessional Negligence for Individuals

If you have relied on a professional’s advice which turns out to be negligent, we can assist you with claiming damages for the financial loss you have suffered.

The number of professional negligence claims against accountants, solicitors, surveyors, and other professionals has increased substantially in recent years.  People are more aware of their legal rights and exercise them accordingly.  In addition, the financial losses suffered due to professional negligence can be substantial, leaving individuals with little choice but to sue for damages.

How we can help with professional negligence claims

As a niche practice, we specialise in advising and representing people who have suffered financial loss due to relying on negligent advice from a professional.

We have the knowledge and the skill to establish if professional negligence has occurred and, if it has, linking the financial loss you have suffered to the negligent conduct.

We understand that the costs of bringing a claim for professional negligence may be concerning to some people.  We offer cost-effective legal advice, working swiftly to resolve matters at an early stage.

We can help you if you have received a negligent service from:

  • architects
  • engineers
  • financial advisors
  • accountants
  • solicitors
  • surveyors
  • insurance brokers

Examples of professional negligence include:

  • providing improper advice
  • under-settling personal injury claims
  • failure to advise
  • failure to follow instructions
  • fraud
  • professional misconduct

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