Debt recovery legal services for individualsDebt Recovery For Individuals

If you are owed money from a family member, friend, or acquaintance, we can assist you with recovering it.  We understand these types of situations can be excruciatingly difficult.  Therefore, we are conscious of providing professional, sensitive advice throughout the duration of the matter.

Mediation & Negotiation

When recovering a personal debt, we make every effort to resolve the situation through informal means before resorting to court proceedings.

In the majority of cases, our clients’ debt is quickly repaid after the debtor receives a Letter Before Action from our firm.  In some cases, we may need to engage in negotiation or mediation if the debt is disputed.

Because of our experience in dealing with personal debt recovery, even if part or all of the debt is disputed at the beginning of the action, we can swiftly address any arguments on the debtor’s side and bring the matter to an acceptable conclusion.


Issuing Court Proceeding

If informal action fails to yield a result, we will apply to the County Court for a judgment ordering the debt to be paid.

Before a judgment is issued, the court will send the debtor a County Court Claim Form, or Summons which the debtor has 14 days to reply to.  The debtor will need to make some sort of offer of payment and if the court accepts this, it will issue a County Court Judgment detailing how and when the amount is to be paid.  If the offer of payment is rejected, or the debtor does not reply to the summons within 14 days, a judgment will be sent detailing the amount to be paid.  The Court will decide this amount.  We can instruct a bailiff to make contact with the debtor and demand payment is made, if necessary.

How we can help recover personal debts?

Unlike some debt collection companies, we provide highly personalised service.  By taking the time to discuss the nature of the debt owed to you and how you would like to approach collecting payment, we ensure you feel in control of the process and are supported every step of the way.  As a niche firm, we can provide cost-effective legal advice and quickly escalate proceedings if required to achieve your desired result.

Debt Recovery – Our Costs

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  • We react quickly in disputes and aim to send a letter to the opposition within 24 hours of taking initial instructions.
  • We provide a personal service and you will have access to your solicitor’s mobile number, thus offering greater flexibility in the way that we deliver our services.
  • We offer very competitively priced services.