Contract Dispute Resolution

Contract dispute resolution requires a strategic, bespoke approach to ensure not only that you achieve your objectives, but, in a commercial situation, relationships are maintained, and project deadlines are met.

At Kumari Hart, our team can advise and represent you on commercial and private contract disputes. As a niche practice, based in Coventry and servicing the Midlands, our focus is on quality and finding unique solutions to solving our clients’ legal problems. No one who comes into our office is made to feel like ‘just another client’ – we take the time to get to know those who instruct us and find out what success means for them.

A wide range of experience in contract dispute resolution

Our team has a wealth of experience in resolving complex contractual disputes.  Some of our most recent cases include advising and representing on:

  • A dispute arising out of a Declaration of Trust as to the construction of a clause and whether it conferred an obligation upon one party to the contract.
  • A Share Purchase Agreement linked to an employment contract involving a breach of an implied term. We advised on the implications to the client’s payments and employment situation.
  • A breach of disclosure obligations arising out of a contract for services.
  • A breach of the terms of a commercial lease.
  • A dispute arising out a variation of a vehicle hire lease agreement for a fleet of commercial vans.
  • A dispute arising out of a contract between a utility company and an installation company regarding the installation of renewables and the subsequent recovery of carbon savings.
  • A dispute regarding a contract entered into by an unmarried couple, dealing with the ownership of a property in which they lived together prior to their separation.

Finding an alternative way

Formal litigation can be stressful, costly, and consume vast amounts of time and energy.  It also results in a win/lose situation for the parties involved; a factor which destroys most chances of maintaining a relationship.  We focus on helping our clients settle their contract disputes through alternative methods to court proceedings.  Our team is experienced in negotiation, mediation, and adjudication procedures.

If alternative dispute resolution methods fail to achieve the desired result, we can engage highly-experienced counsel to assist us with litigation, all the while attempting to achieve an advantageous early settlement in your favour.

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Why Choose Us

  • We react quickly in disputes and aim to send a letter to the opposition within 24 hours of taking initial instructions.
  • We provide a personal service and you will have access to your solicitor’s mobile number, thus offering greater flexibility in the way that we deliver our services.
  • We offer very competitively priced services.