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Debt Recovery Solicitors


Cash is king – long live cash!

Chasing payment from customers or loans made to other during the course of business can be time consuming and stressful. If you are reading this, the likelihood is that you have tried to resolve matters without success.

Recovering a business debt is not always straight forward, especially if you want to maintain a commercial relationship with the debtor. 

To ensure you maintain healthy business relationships where possible, we always offer guidance on the form and tone that should be taken when starting the process of recovering a debt. 

Sometimes a 7 Day Demand Letter will do the trick. Often, however, court proceedings are needed. We will always consider the most cost effective way for you to recover your debt.

Speed of action is key in debt recovery matters.

Debt Recovery Process?

A letter will be sent demanding payment within a short timeframe (usually 7 days). A letter from a Solicitor often does the trick and shows you are serious.

  1. We will also chase the debtor by phone (within 7 days of the letter).
  2. If no response, we issue court proceedings
  3. We obtain a County Court Judgement (CCJ)
  4. If the judgement remains outstanding, we move to enforcement. See below.

How is a Judgement Enforced?

A judgement can be enforced in a number of ways. Often it depends on the assets and financial circumstances of the debtor:

  • Attachment of Earnings Order. An application is made to the court to have money deducted from the debtor’s account until it is paid.
  • Charging Order.  This will be attached to the debtors property and on sale (subject to there being sufficient equity) the debt will be paid.
  • Order for Sale. Here you need a Charging Order first. You would then apply to the court to force sale of the debtors property.
  • Third Party Debt Order. An application is made to have the Debtors bank account/s frozen. The Debtor is then invited to attend a court hearing at which the Judge can order the bank to transfer the funds in the frozen account to the Creditor to pay the Judgment unless the Debtor can justify why this should not happen.
  • Warrant of execution. This is obtained and a bailiff will then seize goods directly from the debtor to sell in order to recover your debt.
  • High Court Enforcement Office (HCEO) –Where the debt is more than £5000, we prefer to use High Court Enforcement Officer. We have a good relationship with The Sheriff’s Office and they are much quicker than bailiffs. They will obtain a Writ of Control collect the money from the debtor either through their bank account or through seizing their goods to sell in order to pay your debt.

Commercial debt recoveryHow can we help?

We have experience and expertise to recover your debts no matter what the size. If you are having difficulty in recovering a debt please contact us.

All initial enquiries are completely FREE of charge.

We can provide a number of funding solutions including a fixed fee quotation and payment by instalments.

Debt Recovery – Our Cost

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