Why Do I Need Physiotherapy?

Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) cover things like neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, in fact any joint pain.  These are often caused as a result of and accident involving Personal Injury.

Most people will suffer with some kind of MSD during their lifetime. The chances of you doing so following an accident are very high. In the majority of cases, symptoms will settle within weeks, but sometimes they will become chronic. In such cases advice is often sought from a Physiotherapist.  Physiotherapy can be key to recovering from an injury suffered as a result of an accident and early intervention is always advisable.


Serious Personal Injury, including MSD, can lead to long-lasting pain and also affect mental well being. It can impact on an individual’s ability to look after themselves and their ability to work. Studies have shown that 80% of patients with MSD who had physiotherapy were able to carry on working.

Physiotherapist are highly skilled in Manual Therapy and Acupuncture. They understand pain cycles and can offer support and motivation to improve conditioning which will often include bespoke exercise programmes.

Cost of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy will usually cost around £35-£45 per session. More often than not several sessions or more can be needed, but that will depend upon the initial assessment.

Although physiotherapy is available on the NHS, waiting lists are quite long and due to lack of resources, treatment is not always as in depth or targeted as it should be.  If you are an innocent injured party, you are entitled to recover reasonable medical expenses and this includes Physiotherapy costs.

As part of the Personal Injury Claims Process, Kumari Hart Solicitors will often be able to obtain an interim payment so that you can have the treatment you need to get better quicker. When it comes to recovering treatment costs we will also ensure that you receive 100% of those treatment costs unlike many Solicitors firms who will deduct up to 25% of them as their own costs.

At Kumari Hart Solicitors we have over 20 years of experience in dealing with a vast array of Personal Injury Claims ranging from simple soft tissue injuries to significant life changing injuries such as Brain Injuries, Spinal Injuries, Loss of Sight, Amputations and Psychological Injuries. For more information on how we can help you click here.


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