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“OMG, my 6-year-old child could do a better job” It’s hard enough mustering up the courage to start a building project in the first place only to find out you have used the builder from hell. Fear not, our solicitors are here to help.

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Typical problems with a ‘Builder from Hell’

  • Poor workmanship
  • Wrong or cheap materials used
  • Not complying with building regulations
  • Poor accounting (yes spending your money on materials that are used for other jobs)
  • Failing to pay contractors
  • Never turning up
  • Taking too long to finish the job
  • Being paid in full at the outset and then not turning up

How should you approach a build project?

Often the reason for the dispute is down to poor communication between the builder and owner of the property.

We would recommend that you consider using the following to minimise any problems:-


This is a standard agreement used by developers and contractors. The Minor Works Building Contract is suitable for residential projects. It sets out the scope of works, payments terms, who is in control and penalties for delay. If you want, we can tailor this to suit your needs.


It is a high-level agreement between the contractor and the owner of the works to be done and the timeframe within which to complete the project.

You should also make sure that you get proper plans drawn up and make sure that you have all sockets and lights clearly set out on the plan so that it can be displayed on site.

The correct way to make a complaint to your builder.

First of all, get evidence. Photographs or video footage is great. Put everything in writing and do not delete text messages. Let the builder know from an early stage that you are not happy. Prepare a snagging list and ask them to put things right. If they refuse, seek our help. Sometimes the work may be so poor you just want them out of your property.

NEVER pay a builder for all the work up front. You may not see them again. You should stagger the payments and pay by instalments when various stages are done. Also make payments electronically as proof of payment. If you need to pay in cash, get a receipt ready to be signed and make reference to the stage of work the payment covers.

Sometimes, you will not discover problems until the builder has left. In which case you need to gather evidence, by way of photographs and contact the builder in writing and provide a snagging list. Ask them to rectify the issues if you want them to come back.

If you are unable to resolve matters, get in touch. Dave did – see what Dave went through in the video below

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How can we help with your dispute?

If you cannot resolve matters amicably, we can help you recover damages from the builder so that you can make good defects.

If you have an unresolved building dispute, please contact us on: 02477 981545 for a free 30-minute chat to see how we can help you.

Alternatively, you can complete the form on this page or e-mail us. We can deal with the initials stages of the claim for a fixed fee to try and bring about a settlement. These fees typically range from £250-£500

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